domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

how to pick up women

When most men are asked what stands between them and their dream girl, they cite fear of rejection.
It’s the thought that goes around your head as you approach girls. You make your way slowly across
the room, and you’re sure that the crowd of people watching can see your hands shaking. You finally
get near to her, and think your heart is beating so loudly that everyone in the room can hear it. She
turns to you. Then you get the look. You know, the one that makes it clear she thinks you’re a bug on
a log. Your palms start to sweat. You ask if you can buy her a drink. Surely she’ll say no. Why would
this beautiful girl say yes? She grimaces at you. Here we go. Time for the big heave-ho. But no! She
reaches into her bag and pulls out her glasses. “That’s better,” she says. “I can see you now. I’ll have a
beer, please.”

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